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    2 000 children die every day caused by cholera

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According to statistics provided by UNICEF one of the most common causes of death with children under the age of 5, is the lack of access to clean and healthy water leading to Cholera.

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Children are especially vulnerable since their small bodies are more deeply affected by the dehydration caused by Cholera. The result is that every day approximately 2 000 children die world wide from contaminated water caused by a lack of sanitation. We may see war and conflicts as the most devastating threat toward our young generation, and indeed it is horrifying, but when looking at the statistics - it is not.

Why then, don’t we put more focus on this cause? The answer in cases like these is never a simple or isolated one. There is the media that sets the agenda of what we feel are the most urgent and important matters that we need to address. And the suffering of Cholera is not isolated to any one place and also spread over time.

There is also the distance between where we are and where this crisis unfolds which can make us feel detached or helpless towards the affected people. However, the truth is that we can do something! We can be a part of saving children and adults in poverty- or catastrophe stricken areas!
LaGaylia Frazier supports Bring Better Water project
LaGaylia Frazier supports Bring Better Water project

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We are now setting up our own distribution centre in Hai Duong, Vietnam for supplying the Asian territory. Our Mr Lars Berg is on the spot to finalize all administration work.

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Hai Duong, Vietnam


Uppfinningen ska rädda liv - Intervju med Leif Jilkén i Barometern.

Bring Better Water

According to statistics from UNICEF, Cholera is one of the most common causes of death with young children. Children and adults attract Cholera by drinking dirty, infected water.

By donating you are helping children in Africa to water clean and safe from Cholera. However, any size of a contribution will help towards minimising the devastating effects of Cholera.

Your donation will go towards supplying areas affected by polluted water with the Compotherm technology. Compotherm is a revolutionizing solution developed, engineered and produced in Sweden. One Compotherm unit can produce enough water to secure that 10 children have access to clean water. With no moving parts, and no need for electricity there is no limit to where, and how many times, Compotherm can be used - and produce lifesaving, cholera free water.

Are you interested in donating? By sending us yours or your company’s contact via e-mail we will contact you via phone and tell you more!

You can make a huge difference by giving a child a hope and a future, please don't hesitate to contact us;

Enligt statistik från UNICEF är Kolera en av de vanligaste dödsorsakerna hos barn under 5 år. Barn, och vuxna, smittas med Kolera när man dricker smutsigt vatten som innehåller Kolera-bakterier.

Genom att skänka ett bidrag hjälper du barn i utsatta områden i Afrika att få tillgång till rent vatten, fritt från Kolera. Det är självklart upp till dig vilket belopp du skänker - alla gåvor bidrar till att minska Kolerans hemska skadeverkningar.

Din gåva innebär att områden med smutsigt vatten får tillgång till Compotherm-tekniken. Compotherm är en revolutionerande vattenreningsprodukt som är utvecklad och producerad i Sverige. En Compotherm-enhet kan producera vatten som täcker vattenbehovet för 10 barn. Det fantastiska är att den inte innehåller några rörliga delar, den drivs inte av elektricitet och den kan användas om och om igen för att producera säkert, kolerafritt vatten.

Är du intresserad av att hjälpa till? Genom att skicka dina eller ditt företags kontaktuppgifter till oss via mail så ringer vi upp dig/er och berättar mer.

Du kan på ett enkelt sätt bidra till att hjälpa barn, men även vuxna, att få tillgång till rent vatten som räddar liv! För att få veta mer kontakta oss på;


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How do I know that my contribution will go to those who really need it?

In West-Africa, bordering to the Ivory Coast, lay Burkina Faso. Here we have our trusted distributor that has decades of experience of working on site in Africa. Thanks to his expertise and local knowledge we can ensure that the right areas and the right organisations are the recipients of your contributions!

How do we reach out to help?

We have a ditrubutor in Burkina Faso in Africa who will be the recipient of the Bring Better Water project.

01 BP 4912 Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso

Hur vet jag att mitt bidrag verkligen går till de behövande?

I Väst-Afrika gränsandes till Elfenbenskusten ligger Burkina Faso. Här finns vår lokala distributör som har mycket lång erfarenhet av att arbeta i Afrika. Detta faktum att rätt människor på rätt plats blir hjälpta, är oerhört viktigt och centralt för hela Bring Better Water-projektet.

Så här når vi ut med hjälpen.

Vi har en ditrubutör i Burkina Faso i Afrika som kommer att vara mottagare av Bring Better Water.

01 BP 4912 Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso
The Solution - Clean water make life easier

The Solution - Clean water make life easier

”Bring Better water” is a project aimed at stopping the ongoing tragedy of Cholera and it’s devastating effects. Under this motto a number of Swedish researchers, developers and benefactors have devised a simple and ingenious solution called ”Compotherm”. Compotherm is a container that purifies water by heating it thus making it Cholera safe for children, and adults, to consume.

Learn more about Compotherm
The first shipment

The first shipment

The first pallet with Compotherm sunpanels is supplied by Lars Berg at Bring Better Water to Burkina Faso. These will save the lives of several children in disadvantaged areas.

With the help of the water heater, the water becomes free from cholera bacteria.

Compotherm converter

What makes the Compotherm converter a good solution?
Please read below about some of the advantages.
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The Sun Converter

The process of achieving this is very simple: Leave the converter in the sun for 90 minutes and thanks to it’s patented outer shell, that transform the beams of he sun into heat, you will have water that’s heated to 67 degrees Celsius.

This is enough to kill the Vibrio cholerae bacteria that causes Cholera and the subsequent diarrhea. It might sound like magic or over simplified but the truth is that once you have reached 65 degrees Celsius, 100% of the cholera bacteria are gone, making the water safe to drink and use for formula, drinking, washing etc.


The material that the Compotherm is made of is extremely durable and can take a lot of wear while maintaining its purifying capacity - making it suited for tough conditions and long term use.

No moving parts

The Compotherm and its construction is very simple and does not contain any moving parts making any maintenance or repairing redundant.

No electricity

The Compotherm does not require any battery or connection to the electric grid. It uses the energy of the sun to achieve its result.


Once you have reached the required temperature, you can refill and let the heating process start all over again and again, as long as the sun is out.

Bring Better Water is - Preventable, Obtainable and Viable

These are the words we would like use in this matter. The occurrence of Cholera and the tragedies following in it’s footsteps are Preventable. The prospect of eradicating this disease is certainly Obtainable. With what we are about to show you these things are also completely Viable.


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